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* minimum payment for admission with online recording 250 UAH

All types of dentistry are presented, therefore we can help everyone;
Unique denture technical laboratory that provides full support for an orthopedic surgeon
Modern equipment, techniques and treatment technologies
Individual approach to each patient
Reasonable prices


Dental Clinic Granddent is a combination of innovative technologies, high-quality equipment, a professional approach to work, an individual attitude to each client, as well as a modern look at dentistry. "Granddent" is a new word in dentistry that will help you find the desired Hollywood smile.

Today, the services of dental clinics allow you to do the impossible: to avoid expensive operations, to quickly and effectively bleach your teeth, painlessly treat teeth to adults and children, restoration of teeth, insertion of new ones and so on. Grinddent Clinic is a wide range of professional services that will allow you to get rid of any problems with your teeth and gums.

Professional help from Granddent Dentistry

Dental services at Granddent clinic include a wide range of professional help:

  • • gum treatment
  • • dental treatment
  • • aesthetic dentistry
  • • orthodontic dentistry
  • • orthopedic dentistry
  • • pediatric dentistry
  • • general dental services and much more.

Modern medical equipment allows you to treat your teeth without pain and quality, so that you can be sure of your smile for a long time.

About all possibilities of treatment of teeth and gums in more detail you can find on our site of stomatology of Odessa «Granddent». Here, not only the proposed service selection, but also a detailed description of each. So you can find out exactly what procedures you need for treatment, the advantages and disadvantages of these or other treatments. In other words, on the GrandDent website you can get the most comprehensive information about dentistry.

The cost of dental services at Granddent in Odessa

It is pleasant to note that the cost of services in dentistry "GrandDent" is available and corresponds to the level of the clinic, the professionalism of the implementation of services, as well as the quality of service. But, besides, the clinic offers profitable opportunities for the treatment of teeth and gums, for example, "mom's smile", "wedding present", "for Internet clients" and so on. Such promotions and special offers suggest that the "Granddent" clinic does take care of every client.

Comfortable armchairs, modern equipment, which do not cause discomfort, various types of anesthesia - all this makes the dental clinic pleasant to visit and, of course, healthy teeth. Orthodontic services will make your teeth even, orthopedic will provide a complete dentition, and aesthetic dentistry will allow you to have not only healthy but also beautiful teeth.

In order to receive professional and highly qualified dentist services in Odessa, you do not need to look for good doctors for "sundress radio". It is enough to find several professional dental clinics. And among them there will be "Granddent" in Odessa. You will entrust your smile to the professionals, you will be happy with the results and, if you will, you will come here with pleasure again.

The GRANDDENT Dental Center provides a full range of dental services.