st. Troitskaya, 43a;st. Genuezskaya, 24b


* minimum payment for admission with online recording 250 UAH


Why Us

     Dental clinic "GRANDDENT" provides a full range of dental services.

   All of our doctors are graduates with a long history of work, constantly improving their qualifications and skills while studying at specialized courses and master classes. We understand how important a beautiful healthy smile is for a person!

   We treat people who are afraid of treatment with understanding and we promise a comfortable treatment without pain! The offices are very clean, tidy, warm and business atmosphere reigns.

We offer:

Absolute protection against infection in our clinic;

painless treatment;

watching movies, clips during treatment through special DVD-glasses;

listening to music;

comfortable head restraints that prevent neck wicking during treatment;


   "Today, a beautiful smile is not only a sign of health, it indicates a person’s success, his prestige and self-confidence! Smooth, white teeth are a kind of business card. I want to look at such a person, he is pleasant to communicate with. Holders of Hollywood smiles literally emit energy, giving others a wonderful mood. Looking at them, you yourself start to smile unwittingly. "

Oksana Vishnevskaya, dentist of the clinic "Granddent"