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Laser correction of gingival smile

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If you notice that you front teeth are substantially covered up by your gums, then you are having gummy smile indeed. Undoubtedly, gummy smile hamper your beautiful smile and make it unappealing at times because your gums hide your beautiful looking teeth while smiling. However, Granddent has come forth with several painless and bloodless treatments for gummy smile that can correct your gummy smile. Besides, the traditional surgical procedure of treating gummy smile, Granddent also offer Laser Gummy Smile Correction procedure that help the patients with gummy smile to enjoy an aesthetic look. This treatment procedure actually is employed to reduce the length of the gums and to balance the gum tissues so as to shape and size the upper lip and to make the teeth look better than every before.

During the procedure the laser will cauterize and remove additional tissues, so patients will experience less or no bleeding during the procedure. Besides, the chances of pain and infection are also very less than traditional surgical procedures. Moreover, the patients may experience sore or swollen gums for few days which will diminish automatically.

You need to visit our clinic for complete evaluation of the condition where you will find out the reason and condition of the gummy smile through x-rays and tests. It helps us to find the ultimate treatment for your condition.

During the laser treatment procedure our dentists will use laser and re-shape the available loose gum tissues, without compromising the biological width, so as to make your teeth expose more than before. Laser gummy smile correction is perfect solution for patients with minor affect of gummy smile, but more serious cases we often recommend surgery which is very rare. The targeted tissues are treated with the help of the laser beam and the surrounding gums and teeth are kept untouched. Through this procedure the gums are re-shaped to expose the additional tooth structure, thus creating a more proportionate appearance for your gums and teeth. Even a correction of 1-2 mm of gum shaping works wonder on your smile.

Preventive dentistry "Granddent” offers the following types of procedures to improve the aesthetic qualities of the teeth:

Recovery after treatment of caries or after injuries

Tooth discoloration

Close gaps between teeth

Correction of the anterior (front) teeth

Improvement of the relief of the teeth by adding individual parts

Artistic restoration of teeth only vaguely reminiscent of the filling. Priority the purpose of this procedure does not restore functionality of a tooth and mimic the natural appearance of the tooth with materials that are in appearance identical to tooth enamel. Of course, at the same time these materials have high strength and durability.

Restoration of the tooth instead of a crown or tabs is recommended in cases where as a result of damage lost no more than 30% of dental tissue. During the replacement of more significant defect there is a risk of excessive overload of the preserved tissues of the tooth, which can lead to chips and cracks.

Granddent – dentistry, reviews of which is very pleasant to read. First of all, patients are pleased with the excellent quality of services and wide application of the most advanced innovations. The clinic uses the most modern materials for fillings and restorations – nanocomposites and photopolymerised.

In the clinic Granddent the restoration of the teeth reach the level of art.


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