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Pediatric Dentistry


Do treat baby teeth, they all fall out anyway?

Parents often get that question a dentist. Treat a must for several reasons:
1. Tooth may begin to hurt
2. Untreated milk tooth can become a hotbed of chronic infection and infect as permanent tooth bud (up to its resorption), as result of the general intoxication of the whole organism
3. Difficult process of chewing, which can lead to digestive problems
4. Affected dairy (especially front) teeth lead to a psychological complex, because the child as any person suffers from imperfections. The kid razrushennyne black teeth and a bad smell from the mouth - it is unlikely to give confidence to your child and put his mouth to it kids who communicate with him.
5. Premature loss of baby tooth leads to impaired growth and development of jaws.
6.Prisutstvie huge amount of putrefactive and other disease-causing bacteria in the mouth of the child reduces the immune system, increases the risk of all kinds of acute respiratory infections, pharyngitis, laryngitis.
To save on your child's baby teeth - so save on his future health. Not cured caries of primary teeth in children - this is even more serious problems with permanent teeth, which will require a long and costly treatment.

How to treat tooth decay milk teeth?

The clinic Granddent caries of primary teeth occurs according to the latest technologies and methods which are chosen individually in each case. There are several treatment options:
1. The method of preparation, using high-speed drills with water and air-cooled, which reduces pain and discomfort
2. Art technique, atraumatic restorative treatment of caries without using "drill." Cavities safely handled manually by special atraumatic instrument E, sealed with specially designed art-glass ionomer cement.
ART-restoration method is positively accepted by young patients, since the preparation of dentin is absolutely painless.
3. Minimally invasive non-contact air-abrasive method of cavity preparation is now an innovative method has been successfully used in the clinic Granddent. The essence of the method is based on the use of compressed air containing microparticle powder Al2O3, due to which there is a delicate cleansing and removal of strictly sequential only carious tissue with absolute preservation of healthy tissue painlessly.

Compared with the classical methods of preparation cavity notes several advantages of using air abrasion:
1. In the treatment of all types of dental caries (even deeper!) Does not require anesthesia, as there is no vibration and pressure on the tooth, and as a result - no mechanical irritation causing pain. This treatment was well tolerated young children, is safe for pregnant and allegrozavisimyh.
2. There is no psychological pressure on the patient, as there is no sound or smell drills, vibrations.
3. Speed ​​up preparation than a drill, 2-3 times, which makes the procedure quick and easy treatment because the treatment takes only half the time.
4. No risk of hypothermia or overheating of the tooth.
5. Is the risk of injury to surrounding tissue.
6. The surface finish is very high, as the walls of the cavity after treatment have a rough surface, which increases the ability of the adhesive filling materials.
7. There is no risk of secondary caries after this procedure.
Minimally invasive treatment using an air abrasion system meets the requirements sovremennnym approach to dental primary and permanent teeth. This method is the lifeline for children who are afraid of the pain, scared, "drilling", can not long time in the dental chair.
You are afraid to treat the teeth because of the pain? Bormashinka causing your negative emotions? All this in the past, with the help of air-abrasion preparation dentistry is without pain and frightening sounds.
8. Methods of treatment of caries in the early stages without the "boring" no pain, no anesthesia, no destruction of tooth structure - a method of caries infiltration Icon.

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