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Wedding smile

Each couple who are going to get married, plans to do a lot together - from solving everyday issues to attending various events. Dental clinic "Granddent" offers the bride and groom another idea for spending time together - a visit to the dentist. Treat your teeth together and in one place - and this will not only strengthen your future family, but also benefit its budget.

By contacting the Granddent clinic, brides and grooms receive a number of family discounts: 15% for dental care, 20% for professional hygiene and 10% for whitening. Each discount is provided from the total amount calculated for services to future spouses.

The offer is valid for one month before the date of the celebration. If the newlyweds wish to continue treatment in our clinic after the wedding - they can expect to receive a permanent card that will allow the young family to use the services of professional dentists with a pleasant discount for the budget.