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Alignment of teeth in Odessa

The main reason for the development of bite deformity is the premature removal of milk teeth. The germ of a permanent tooth is still far away and the vacant space may be partially occupied by adjacent milk teeth due to their displacement. To protect your child, it is necessary to massage the gums during dentition, to eliminate bad habits - sucking fingers, nipples, pens, improper swallowing. And, of course - time to treat tooth decay. If you still had to resort to premature removal of the baby tooth, you can prevent bite defects by using replacement therapy. For this purpose, a special plate with an artificial tooth is made.

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    Removable orthodontic appliances (plates) for the correction of bite usually begin to be used from 7–8 years (sometimes even from 3 years). It happens that one of the jaws grows ahead of time (or lagging). It is very important to balance their growth so that the proportions of the face are formed harmoniously and the teeth are anatomically correct in the jaws. As the child grows, treatment with plates can significantly ease the problem and help the child's teeth “remember and adapt” to the direction in which they are to develop. Beautiful smiles to you and your children!

Many people think that you can even your teeth only in childhood and adolescence. This is a big mistake! Of course, it is easier to align teeth in children than in adults. The sooner you begin to level the teeth or correct the bite, the easier and more effective it will be. But it is never too late to turn to an orthodontist.

It may be 10-30 or 50 years old! A qualified doctor will help not only correct the bite and align the teeth, but also select the appropriate system for this. These can be removable or permanent structures, silicone dentures, mouth guards or braces. Today's orthodontics offer many options.

The main thing - the desire to have healthy and even teeth. I advise you not to be afraid to go to the doctor and change your smile today! And no matter how old you are! Smile and be healthy!