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Price of gingivitis treatment in Odesa

Service Price
1 Consultation with a periodontist 300 UAH
2 Anesthesia application follow-up carpula 150 UAH
100 UAH
2 Anesthesia infiltration subsequent carpula 150 UAH
100 UAH
2 Anesthesia conduction subsequent carpula 150 UAH
100 UAH
123 Closed curettage of periodontal pocket 1 pocket 120 UAH
127 Coagulation of gums in the area of one tooth 250 UAH
  Primary "Vector therapy" 1 jaw 2500 UAH
  Primary "Vector therapy" 2 jaws 4900 UAH
  Supportive "Vector therapy" 1 jaw 1700 UAH
  Supportive "Vector therapy" 2 jaws 3200 UAH
120 Medicamentous treatment of the periodontal pocket 1 pocket 300 UAH
  Elimination of supercontact 150 UAH
  Periodontal bandage in the area up to 8 teeth 350 UAH
  Periodontal applications 200 UAH
  Splinting with fiberglass tape 1 jaw 1600 UAH
  Splinting with fiberglass tape 2 jaws 2800 UAH
  Surface coating with fluorine varnish 1 tooth 120 UAH
  Use of Alvozhil material 120 UAH
  Medication Injection 150 UAH
121 Application Medication agent 120 UAH
122 Therapeutic bandage anti-inflammatory 120 UAH
122 Therapeutic bandage antibacterial 120 UAH
122 Therapeutic bandage decongestant 120 UAH
122 Multi-purpose healing dressing that reduces bleeding gums 120 UAH
  Laser biostimulation of blood circulation in vessels, restorative processes 240 UAH
  Wound healing biofilms for home use 50 UAH
Service Price
  Laser elimination of tooth hypersensitivity 270 UAH
  Laser cauterization of the fistula 250 UAH
  Laser gum retraction 1 tooth 230 UAH
Service Price
  Laser treatment of generalized periodontitis 1, 2 degrees  
  Laser treatment of periodontal pockets: 1 procedure 450 UAH
  Laser treatment of periodontal 1 procedure 250 UAH

Service cost


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