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Ceramic restorations

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What do you prefer - a few weeks to go to the dentist and wear temporary designs or get new teeth in just one day?

 A unique technology of prosthetics and restoration of teeth in one day - now it is possible in the dental clinic "Granddent". Let's see for yourself.

Previously, a patient with a missing or broken tooth was faced with a long process. First, the dentist made a dental impression, then sent it to the laboratory, where the ceramic crown or pad was made. In the meantime, the patient had to walk with a temporary crown, and only after a week or even more did the tooth be restored with a permanent crown.

Thanks to the CEREC system, the dentist at the Granddent clinic will manufacture and install your crown, bridge, veneers or restorations in 1 visit! Complex CAD / CAM computer system CEREC is one of the modern innovative dental assistants of the Granddent . The system was developed in Germany and is manufactured by one of the world's leading manufacturers of dental equipment.

The process involves creating a 3D image of the teeth, modeling the restorations and making the crown from a ceramic block using a high-precision milling machine. The whole process takes about two hours. And the time it takes to make a tooth crown takes only one day, without taking into account the necessary preliminary medical procedures.

The advantages of CEREC all-ceramic restorations:

- production speed

- high precision performance

- less painkillers

- no need for temporary crowns

- ceramic, aesthetic and long lasting result

A broken or missing tooth, loose fillings and broken crowns or bridges are the reason for the urgent visit to the dentist, who can now eliminate it in just one visit.

What was previously done manually is now performed on high-precision equipment. The device creates a crown on your eyes.

Already today, the Granddent clinic has the best technology for restoring damaged or missing teeth. . This saves my time - no tedious and multiple visits to the doctor. Now the treatment time is reduced, and the quality becomes even better.

Doctors of the clinic "Granddent" successfully carry out the restoration of teeth thanks to modern technology CAD / CAM. Well, the result - a dazzling smile in one day!