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   Retention is the process of retaining teeth in a new position after their leveling. After completion of the period of alignment of the teeth, there is a high probability of the teeth returning to their original position. Retainers prevent the movement of teeth after the alignment process is complete.

       Removable retainers.

   They need to be worn constantly during the first 3-6 months. After this initial period, retainers should be worn every night. Removable retainers can only be removed while eating, brushing your teeth, swimming.

     Fixed or fixed retainers.

    They are attached to the oral (back) surface of the front teeth, designed to prevent the appearance of gaps between the teeth or turning the teeth. Fixed retainers are usually attached permanently.

    With fixed retainers available, it is advisable to avoid taking very hard foods that can damage them. It is necessary to monitor oral hygiene, regularly visit the dentist for a routine examination, professional teeth cleaning.

   Fixed retainers are usually attached permanently. Patients with fixed retainers should also have removable retainers for occasional wearing at night and for extreme cases, for example, if a fixed retainer breaks.

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