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In recent years, the prevalence of dental caries in children has increased dramatically. And as for dental care child presents some difficulties, preventing tooth decay is of particular relevance.
According to recent research: thanks to regular and quality preventive dental procedures, the frequency of problems is reduced by an average of 19-30%. Agree, this is important, especially when you take into account the enormous influence of heredity in appearance, condition, quality, time, and pace of change and the eruption of teeth. In fact, everything that is not programmed in the genes (and sometimes even that is programmed) may be radically changed with just a competent prevention.

Main strategies for preventing the clinic Granddent:
1. Baseline medical examination - During the follow-up visits the doctor will check the condition of teeth and baby time to detect any illness starts. It also evaluates the efficiency of your health and, if necessary, adjust it. Remember - the timely visits to the dentist - the main thing that you can do for healthy teeth! first visit to the dentist should be as soon as the first teeth have your baby. Important preventive dental visits at least once or twice every six months
2. Occupational health of mouth (professional cleaning of primary and permanent tooth pastes and gels to remove the pigment and soft commodity plaque).
3. Strengthening enamel - saturation and milk and permanent teeth trace elements fluorine, calcium and phosphorus. The indications for the procedure, eliminating sensitivity, prevention of caries and non-carious lesions (systemic and local hypo-and enamel dysplasia), lack of minerals. The procedure increases the resistance of teeth to external shocks. Fortified fluoride teeth become less susceptible to the effects of acidic, less likely to suffer from tooth decay and destruction, decay of the acute to a chronic, low current form.

There are several types of procedures to strengthen teeth:
      Simple fluoridation - is the use of a special lacquer that is brushed onto the surface of the teeth, does not result in deposition of fine calcium fluoride in the depths then began to destroy tooth enamel, as in the application of deep fluoridation.
       Deep fluoridation, which has been successfully used in the clinic Granddent. With deep fluoridation is formed submicroscopic crystals in the pores SaF2 loosened zone of tooth enamel. These crystals are constantly emit fluoride, which combine with saliva in the mouth creates an optimal environment fluoride remineralization and provides long-term (up to 6 months), 30 times higher than for a simple fluorination.
       Application of bio-available calcium and phosphorus on the surface of the teeth to restore mineral balance in the mouth.
      4.Germetizatsiya fissures
Tooth decay can start almost anywhere in the tooth, but most kariesovospriimchivaya band-fissures (depressions between the mounds). Because of the shape and size of fissures clean out bacteria is very difficult, to the same thickness of the enamel in these areas is less than on the hills. That is why the fissures are the most common source of primary and secondary kariesa.Dlya to prevent tooth decay in these pits and grooves, it is recommended to seal-sealing. fissure sealing is particularly important for children and the younger generation - the young men and women, that is, those who complete mineralization of enamel is not yet complete (even for two years after the eruption of the tooth is pretty intense maturation of enamel).
This procedure permanently protect your teeth from decay. There are various materials to seal the fissure. The clinic Granddent used only fluorine-containing sealants with high resistance to abrasion and moisture, on the effect of such a procedure will last from 6 months and up.
5.Profilaktika cavities with well-chosen diet. Prevention of dental caries - a collaboration of parents, a dentist and a pediatrician to help significantly reduce the risk of early caries in deciduous teeth.