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Professional hygiene
Professional dental hygiene by qualified periodontology doctors
Whitening teeth without damaging the structure of tooth enamel.
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Clinic services

Our dental clinic offers all types of treatment for adults and children

Стоматология в Одессе - Granddent

Everyone has dental problems, and it is very important that a good dentist is nearby in time. There are many dental clinics in Odessa that offer a wide range of services. Among them is "Granddent" dentistry. This is a combination of professional medical equipment and highly qualified doctors. "Granddent" is a dentistry in which you can trust the experience of specialists and get the desired and one hundred percent quality result.

Стоматология в Одессе - Granddent
Modern methods of caries treatment ICON

Modern methods of treatment of caries in the early stages without the "boring", no pain, no anesthesia, no destruction of dental tissues.

Стоматология в Одессе - Granddent
Family discount

Best dental clinic in Odesa

Everyone has problems with their teeth, and it’s very important that a good dentist is nearby on time. There are many dental clinics in Odesa that offer a wide range of services. Among them – dental clinic "Granddent". This is a combination of professional medical equipment and highly qualified doctors. “Granddent” is a dentistry in Odesa, in which you can trust the experience of specialists and get the desired and absolutely high-quality result.
Only the advanced technologies and treatment methods, professionalism, a high level of service and confidential communication with patients are indisputable principles for which Granddent is famous.
For many residents of Odesa, Granddent has become a favorite destination for treatment, prevention and finding dazzling smiles.



A good dentist in Odesa from Granddent can easily cope with any dental problem. You can get the whole range of services to create a smile of your dreams:


  • form the correct bite;        
  • cure tooth decay ;        
  • hide dentition defects;        
  • cure patients and restore damaged teeth;        
  • restore lost teeth with implantation and prosthetics.        


Granddent also uses all methods of modern orthodontics, guaranteeing effective alignment of the dentition.
A highly qualified orthodontist at the Granddent will find the best way to correct the bite for a child or an adult. For the treatment of patients, bracket systems of all types of leading manufacturers are used here .
In addition, the Granddent is one of the few clinics in which orthodontic treatment is recommended by dental surgeons with a lack of space in the dentition for implant placement.

For those patients who categorically refuse to wear braces to align their teeth, Granddent orthodontists offer an alternative solution:


  • treatment with removable transparent eliners,        
  • lingual (invisible) braces,        
  • Snap-on-Smile systems.        


Granddent  also places special emphasis on the development of aesthetic dentistry.
Aesthetic dentistry is used to correct crooked teeth, to change the color and shape of teeth, with cracks between the teeth, darkened old fillings. In addition, with age, microcracks often appear on the enamel and the color changes, so almost all of us need a smile correction.
Granddent has a range of techniques to achieve an excellent aesthetic effect. The latest technical equipment for the production of crowns in the clinic allows you to do this in a short time - from 1 hour to 3 days.


The best one-visit dentistry in Odesa is a combination of new technologies and the latest equipment with the experience and qualifications of staff. There are almost no dentists familiar to us with Soviet, long-obsolete equipment

  • Granddent pays special attention to diagnostic procedures and has a wide range of technical capabilities in the field of surgery.
  • The presence of an operating room, the latest generation equipment and a team of surgeons allows us to carry out dental operations of any size and complexity in the Granddent.
  • Patients can contact Granddent with any problem or wish since all conditions are created here to perform any procedure quickly and efficiently.


Dental care from Odesa, which is available for foreign patients

Granddent seeks to expand the geography of its patients by actively developing “Dental Tourism”  - foreigners traveling to Odesa for dental care. Many clinics claim this is possible, but only in the Granddent in Odesa the process of treating foreign patients has been established from beginning to end and is confirmed by many years of practice.

  1. The latest technologies that are used in the Granddent for prosthetics, thanks to the experience of doctors, the use of advanced treatment methods and work with the world's best manufacturers, give you a chance to restore or increase lost or removed teeth to achieve the desired effect.
  2. Thanks to this clinic, Granddent manages to achieve excellent results in the treatment of each patient.
  3. In addition, in this clinic they try to follow a certain pricing policy, adhering to the position that elite dentistry should be accessible to all patients.
All types of dentistry are presented, therefore we can help everyone;
Unique denture technical laboratory that provides full support for an orthopedic surgeon
Modern equipment, techniques and treatment technologies
Individual approach to each patient
Reasonable prices

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