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There are several factors that must be considered by anyone who wants to have a beautiful and healthy smile, fresh breath and emancipation when communicating:

  1. The cause of the most common diseases of the oral cavity is on time the uncleaned clot of microbes and food debris, destroying hard tissues, leading to bleeding, unpleasant odor, and periodontitis.
  2. 90% of oral diseases are asymptomatic at an early stage. The pain appears, as a rule, when the processes are unable to recover on their own, and the consequences are irreversible.
  3. Absolutely all fillings and restorations eventually absorb microbes and food pigments, so they need to be polished.
  4. no matter how skillfully work is done in the oral cavity (regardless of the filling, prosthesis, implant, etc.) without proper care, the service life is significantly reduced
  5. according to the recommendations of the World Health Organization, each person should carry out professional cleaning every half year, and smokers and people with chronic diseases once every 4 months
Service Price
1 Consultation 300 UAH
  Teeth polishing 1 jaw 290 UAH
116 Professional pastes 2 jaws 500 UAH
8 Remineralizing therapy 1 jaw 450 UAH
9 Remineralizing therapy 2 jaws 700 UAH
6 Removal of tooth sensitivity 1 jaw 450 UAH
7 Removal of tooth sensitivity 2 jaws 700 UAH
10 Fluoridation (enamel-sealing liquid) 1 tooth 120 UAH
11 Fluoridation (enamel-sealing liquid) 1 jaw 400 UAH
12 Fluoridation (enamel-sealing liquid) 2 jaws 600 UAH
  Endowhitening 1 tooth 650 UAH
119 Anesthesia 150 UAH
  Anesthesia subsequent carpula 100 UAH
31 Applying a rubber dam 120 UAH
201 Removing an old filling 100 UAH
5 Temporary filling 150 UAH
3 Emergency Reception 500 UAH

Service cost


Dental treatment in Odessa

Dental treatment in Odessa in our clinic Granddent safely and painlessly. By visiting the doctor in our dental clinic, you will have the advantage of:

  • always under medical supervision and, if necessary, to receive assistance in a timely manner, preventing complications;
  • to train in the technique of modern teeth cleaning on mock-ups and develop the correct habits that are relevant for life;
  • get a selection of hygiene products tailored to your personal needs;
  • extend the life of the work performed;
  • be the owner of the discount program, and personally make sure that the planned visits are much more advantageous and cheaper than random visits when there is already a running process and acute pain.
All types of dentistry are presented, therefore we can help everyone;
Unique denture technical laboratory that provides full support for an orthopedic surgeon
Modern equipment, techniques and treatment technologies
Individual approach to each patient
Reasonable prices