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Treatment of periodontitis in Odessa

Treatment of periodontitis in Odesa


Even if your teeth look healthy, this does not mean that gum disease is absent. In case of any problem with the gums or teeth, such as sensitivity, swelling, soreness, bleeding, etc., you should immediately seek advice from a dentist who will adequately assess the seriousness of the problem.

Only a dentist and a hygienist can determine the presence or absence of periodontal disease with a simple examination.

Periodontitis is an infectious disease that causes the destruction of the supporting apparatus of the tooth. With periodontitis, the infection enters the space between the tooth and gum and destroys the bonds between the tooth root and the bone.

According to WHO experts, 100% of the world's adult population and 80% of children show some signs of periodontitis.

Teeth periodontitis is dangerous because of inflammatory processes, so-called pockets are formed in the gums near them, leading to bleeding gums, tooth mobility, purulent discharge, and ultimately tooth loss.

Periodontitis treatment prices in Odesa in GRANDDENT dentistry:

Service Price
1 Consultation with a periodontist 300 UAH
2 Anesthesia application follow-up carpula 150 UAH
100 UAH
3 Anesthesia infiltration subsequent carpula 150 UAH
100 UAH
4 Anesthesia conduction subsequent carpula 150 UAH
100 UAH
5 Closed curettage of periodontal pocket 1 pocket 120 UAH
6 Coagulation of gums in the area of one tooth 250 UAH
7 Primary "Vector therapy" 1 jaw 2500 UAH
8 Primary "Vector therapy" 2 jaws 4900 UAH
9 Supportive "Vector therapy" 1 jaw 1700 UAH
10 Supportive "Vector therapy" 2 jaws 3200 UAH
11 Medicamentous treatment of the periodontal pocket 1 pocket 300 UAH
12 Elimination of supercontact 150 UAH
13 Periodontal bandage in the area up to 8 teeth 350 UAH
14 Periodontal applications 200 UAH
15 Splinting with fiberglass tape 1 jaw 1600 UAH
16 Splinting with fiberglass tape 2 jaws 2800 UAH
17 Surface coating with fluorine varnish 1 tooth 120 UAH
18 Use of Alvozhil material 120 UAH
19 Medication Injection 150 UAH
20 Application Medication agent 120 UAH
21 Therapeutic bandage anti-inflammatory 120 UAH
22 Therapeutic bandage antibacterial 120 UAH
23 Therapeutic bandage decongestant 120 UAH
24 Multi-purpose healing dressing that reduces bleeding gums 120 UAH
25 Laser biostimulation of blood circulation in vessels, restorative processes 240 UAH
26 Wound healing biofilms for home use 50 UAH
Service Price
1 Laser elimination of tooth hypersensitivity 270 UAH
2 Laser cauterization of the fistula 250 UAH
3 Laser gum retraction 1 tooth 230 UAH
Service Price
1 Laser treatment of generalized periodontitis 1, 2 degrees  
2 Laser treatment of periodontal pockets: 1 procedure 450 UAH
3 Laser treatment of periodontal 1 procedure 250 UAH


It is advisable to start treating periodontitis at an early stage. If you notice the first signs of it, you should visit a dentist or a periodontist immediately. In case of exacerbation of the disease, it is impossible to ignore the symptoms of periodontitis - it is a severe inflammation of the gums, exposure of the neck of the teeth and purulent discharge from the gingival pockets, pathological mobility and displacement of teeth, bad breath and an increase in local lymph nodes.

The main methods of preventing periodontitis are regular brushing of teeth, consumption of hard foods to ensure the load on the entire masticatory apparatus, and immediate visit to the dentist if any of the characteristic symptoms of periodontitis appear. Prevention of periodontitis is also necessary to prevent exacerbations during the chronic course of the disease. In this case, careful oral hygiene, inclusion of hard and vegetable foods in the diet, timely removal of tartar and visits to the dentist for monitoring the condition of the oral cavity are also recommended.

Periodontitis is treated with therapeutic or surgical methods. With a mild degree of the disease, tartar is removed without fail and medications that eliminate inflammation are prescribed. Surgical treatment of periodontitis is primarily aimed at cleaning and eliminating gingival pockets. Another method of surgical treatment is the flap method when the upper part of the gums is removed, the roots of the teeth are cleaned, and the flap is sewn back into place. The task of surgical methods is to eliminate gingival pockets (a consequence of bone resorption) so that the tooth can regain stability.

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