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Children's dentistry in Odessa

Prices for pediatric dentistry services in Odessa

Consultation of children's dentist 200
Psychoemotional adaptation of the child to dental treatment 450
Professional cleaning Dairy th bite 500
  interchange bite 650
Deep Fluorination milk teeth 550
Deep Fluorination permanent teeth 650
Deep Fluorination 1 tooth 140
Temporary filling 100
Temporary therapeutic calcium-containing filling 210
Seal of modified glass ionomer cement 1 surface 600
  2 surfaces 650
  3 surfaces 650
Autopsy of the tooth cavity with periodontitis 260
  with pulpitis 240
Filling of the root canal of a baby tooth Single tooth tooth 300
Filling of the root canal of a baby tooth Multichannel tooth 500
Therapeutic application with stomatitis 110
Photopolymer filling superficial caries 700
  average caries 900
Therapeutic pad with deep caries 450
All types of dentistry are presented, therefore we can help everyone;
Unique denture technical laboratory that provides full support for an orthopedic surgeon
Modern equipment, techniques and treatment technologies
Individual approach to each patient
Reasonable prices