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Teeth whitening

Discolored teeth can happen as a result of exposure to color-rich foods, unhealthy habits, or natural aging. Fortunately, transforming the brightness your smile does not involve heavy sacrifice. Teeth whitening in Odessa clinic is a cost-effective, quick, and non-invasive way to improve the cosmetic appeal of your smile. Dr. Chadwick J. Harris and Dr. R. Brent Culpepper offer both in-office and take-home whitening treatments for patients at Harris Dental Clinic in Laurel, MS.

Prices for teeth whitening in Odessa

Service Price
1 Consultation 300 UAH
  Teeth polishing 1 jaw 290 UAH
116 Professional pastes 2 jaws 500 UAH
10 Fluoridation (enamel-sealing liquid) 1 tooth 120 UAH
11 Fluoridation (enamel-sealing liquid) 1 jaw 400 UAH
12 Fluoridation (enamel-sealing liquid) 2 jaws 600 UAH
  Endowhitening 1 tooth 650 UAH
3 Emergency Reception 500 UAH

Service cost


Candidates for Teeth Whitening

In general, candidates for teeth whitening should be in good oral and overall health. Issues such as cavities and gum disease will need to be addressed before beginning any cosmetic treatment. Although every case is different, teeth whitening is not typically recommended for:

  • Pregnant patients
  • Patients under 18 years of age
  • Patients with crowns or veneers
  • Intrinsic stains

Since teeth whitening will only address the color of your smile, it is important to have realistic expectations for treatment. If you want to improve the shape or size of your teeth, cosmetic treatments such as dental bonding or porcelain veneers may be a better alternative.

Hollywood smile Odessa - what to Expect during In-Office Treatment

In-office teeth whitening treatments are recommended for patients who want to whiten their smile in less time. Under the supervision of one of our dentists, we are able to use stronger, faster-acting, and more effective whitening solutions than those found in take-home treatments or over-the-counter products. Our office uses Philips Zoom!® whitening technology, which can help you whiten your smile by up to eight shades in a single 45-minute appointment.

Using whitening procedure Zoom! ® you will get a brilliant smile in Odessa

During your treatment session, we will prepare your teeth for whitening by removing any debris and cleaning the surface of your teeth. One of our team members will then apply the whitening gel to each tooth. To expedite the whitening process, we use LED technology to cure the whitening solution. Prior to sending you home, we will apply a post-treatment gel to help reduce discomfort and sensitivity.

Zoom whitening technology is strong, fast-acting, and effective.

Whiten Your Smile at Home with a Custom Kit

Alternatively, if you are not in a rush to achieve instant results or would rather whiten your teeth in the convenience of your home, our take-home whitening kits may be a better solution for you. During your appointment, we will take impressions of your smile to create custom whitening trays. Depending on your prescribed treatment, you will wear these trays either overnight or for shorter periods of time each day. Each kit is complete with an injectable whitening solution for easy, clean, and thorough application.

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