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Safety and sterility

The main place in the Granddent Dental Clinic is safety treatment. Quality sterilization and the use of disposable instruments have a huge role.

All tools and matrials that can be disposable, we have DISPOSABLE! Dental napkins, caps, breast napkins, hats, boot covers, protective robes, cups, saliva ejector, gloves, masks, sterilization bags, tools for canal treatment and much more.

The offices are very clean, tidy, warm and business atmosphere reigns.

In the Granddent Dental Clinic, the highest technologies are used, special expensive equipment provides 100% sterilization and computerized quality control of the instrument processing. At all stages of the use of equipment and tools (storage - use - cleaning - sterilization - use) strict control is exercised over the implementation of each stage with the help of a multisite confirmation of sterility using various markers.

All tools and contact material to be sterilized pass through several stages, are pre-treated in disinfectant solutions, and then washed and dried. Dental instruments are packed in special individual one-time vacuum packs, then placed in a computerized autoclave for final heat treatment under high pressure. All equipment for sterilization has state certification.

In the Dental Center "Granddent" the program "Anti-AIDS", "Anti-hepatitis".

DURR DENTAL (Germany) preparations are used for surface presterilization cleaning.

For each patient in our clinic we use an INDIVIDUAL sterile set of instruments, burs, tips, saliva ejectors and vacuum cleaners. A visit to the dentist’s office takes place only in disposable shoe covers that are put on shoes. Twice a day, the air of all rooms is sterilized with the latest bactericidal installations that can work even in the presence of people.

Doctors and assistants of our clinic work only in disposable gloves and masks. After each patient reception, the used disposable materials are disposed of, the office and equipment undergo an antiseptic processing cycle. Our doctors regularly undergo training and certification on compliance with sterility, as well as every six months, a mandatory medical examination.

Supervision and control over the implementation of sanitary rules is carried out by the bodies of the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Service, which conducts regular sampling of materials for sterility, sowing of air and materials for staphylococci.