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Laser Technology

All types of dentistry are presented, therefore we can help everyone;
Unique denture technical laboratory that provides full support for an orthopedic surgeon
Modern equipment, techniques and treatment technologies
Individual approach to each patient
Reasonable prices


.Advantages of the laser:

  1. painless
  2. fast healing
  3. without stress. Without drill
  4. sterile

Laser application:

• restoration of teeth and roots

• treatment of hypersensitive teeth and necks of the teeth

• treatment and prevention of diseases of the soft tissues of the oral cavity (Removal of hypertrophied soft tissues, disclosure and drainage of abscesses, etc.)

• treatment and prevention of periodontal diseases with the strengthening of loose teeth, restoration of bone tissue, level of gum attachment

• treatment of inter-root granulomas, which cannot be eliminated surgically

• setting implants

Indications for use of dental diode lasers:

• Crowns lengthened by soft tissue correction

• Disclosure of implants

• Periimplantitis treatment

• Treatment and prevention of diseases of the soft tissues of the oral cavity

• Frenectomy

• Gingivectomy

• Vestibuloplasty

• Gingivoplasty

• Gum retraction

• Release of impacted teeth

• Biopsy

• Hemostasis

• Analgesia laser

• Removal of hypertrophic soft tissue

• Removal of fibroids and papillomas

• Dissection and drainage of abscesses

• Conditioning enamel and dentin

• Pulpotomy

• Sterilization and root canal cleaning

• Treatment and prevention of periodontal disease • Indoor / outdoor curettage

Advantages of the laser over other types of treatment/

When performing surgical operations using a dental diode laser, hemostasis occurs due to exposure to high temperature. Operations are carried out practically on the bloodless field. Lasers can be used to stop bleeding caused by traditional treatments. Psychological comfort for the patient and the doctor. Sterility (no possibility of infection, laser radiation - a powerful sterilizing agent), strong antibacterial action, preventing the development of complications

Biostimulation, improvement of trophism in tissues. Aesthetic effect - in many cases, the imposition of postoperative sutures is not required. High impact rate on the fabric. Unparalleled therapy for periodontal disease.