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Unique painless ultrasound technique VECTOR

unique painless ultrasound VECTOR-method for the treatment of gum disease is now in clinical GRANDDENT

Found that the main cause of gum disease is dental plaque and plaque on tooth surfaces. But if the raid on the accessible surface of the tooth is easily removed, the sediments in the periodontal pockets (the contact points between the tooth and gum tissue) is not purged when cleaning and cause chronic inflammation of the gums and bone, gingivitis, periodontitis and periodontal disease.

There are various treatments for gum disease:

  • surgery, used in severe cases
  • mechanical (cleaning periodontal pockets of special tools). One of the major drawbacks of this method include pain and discomfort, the roughness of the teeth after treatment, which contributes to the rapid formation of plaque
  • ultrasound, which is the lack of injury and so weak and sore gums and sensitive root of the tooth because of the chaotic beats tool, shallow penetration of gingival / periodontal pocket
  • ordered ultrasonic method using the apparatus of "Vector", the advantage is in the
    1) order the tool vibration, resulting in no pain and no discomfort (even with a strong sensitivity);
    2) penetration into the deep pockets (no need for surgical method);
    3) polishing of delicate roots;
    4) saturation of calcium for rapid tissue healing and recovery;
    5) because of the flexibility instrument becomes possible cleaning and polishing fixtures implants, which greatly increases the service life;
    6) 2-3 days after the treatment, patients noted a decrease bleeding gums, removing odor from the mouth, note the status of special comfort and health!