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Prosthetic dentistry

Orthopedic consultation   200  
Diagnostic Impression   100  
Diagnostics using   1900  
of the face arc
  + wax modeling   3 USD
(Technology «Wax up ») (per 1 tooth)
  + Wax modeling   4 USD
(technology «Mock up ») (per 1 tooth)
 Plastic crown One-time 450  
  laboratory manufacture   40 USD
Metal tab cast (front tooth) 1000  
Metal tab cast (back tooth) 1200  
Metal tab hard-to-reach 1200  
Tab below gum level   1300  
Metal tab cast NPG (yellow) 1500  
Zirconia tab     150  USD
Solid crown   1500  
Solid crown Bulatnaya 1550  
Cermet crown standard (by color)   150 USD
  art-performance   250 USD
  accelerated manufacturing   +50 у.е.
(up to 2 days)
Ceramic restoration standard (by color)   300 USD
(patch, etc.) art-performance 450 USD
Individual gingiva former metal   30 USD
Individual Abutment metal   50 USD
  ceramic Nano 90 USD
    Neo 70 USD
    Mis 80 USD
  Multi unit   70 USD
Metal Ceramic Crown standard (by color)   200 USD
(not including the abutment) art-performance 250 USD
Ceramic crown standard (by color)   350 USD
(not including the abutment) art-performance 450 USD
Titanium Beam without taking into account the suprastructures   140 USD
Intra-root Attachment for fixing a removable denture 1550  
Removable partial dentures with Headset Estedent (Ukraine) 4000  
  NewAce Headset (Japan)   25 USD
blinding of clasps +5 USD
  with metal frame   + 65 USD
  Headset Uiedent (Poland)   +15 USD
Complete removable denture (without spoon) Headset Estedent (Ukraine) 4500  
Clasp prosthesis on clasps   450 USD
  + soft lining   660
Clasp prosthesis on attachments (2 locks)   688 USD
  additional lock   + 28 USD
individual lock + 50 USD
Prosthesis "butterfly" immediate prosthesis 975  
Recovery of removable denture welding of 1 tooth, a clammer 450  
Relocation of the prosthesis     40 USD
Laboratory cleaning polishing of the denture 350  
Manufacturing Bite's rollers   320  
Making an individual spoon photopolymer 470  
Removing the fiberglass pin   700  
Removing the anchor pin in ltrazvuk, sawing 600  
Stump Strengthening Restoring in    
fiberglass pins fotopolimer material - 1 pc
  additionally second pin - 1 pc 350  
Fixing the crown / temporary crown /tabs   150  
Crown fixing capsular cement Fuji 300  
Removing the crown crown (1 tooth) Crown remover sawing 600  
Crown / tab cleaning sandblast 250  
CONSULTATION ON AESTHETIC RESTORATION Photoprotocol, diagnostic models, panoramic image, preparation of treatment plan 650  
up to 3 months)